Motion Toolbox

A biomechanics multimedia package for analysing human movement


Motion Toolbox is a comprehensive multimedia package for analysing human movement. Using an Apple Macintosh PowerPC, a digital video of the motion is recorded directly to the computer with a standard home video camera or camcorder. It is then digitised and the kinematics and kinetics of the motion are automatically calculated. The program is very user-friendly (unlike many commercial movement analysis systems currently available), and produces results which are intuitively simple to interpret...

Still from Motion Toolbox, showing ankle joint angle and muscle activity. The video picture shown corresponds to the point on the graph below indicated by the cursor. Green muscles are contracting concentrically (producing power), while the red ones are contracting eccentrically (absorbing power). The thickness of the muscles gives an indication of the size of the contraction.

More examples...

Auto-diagnosis of a patient

Biceps curl





The Complete Manual...


Kirtley C & Smith RA (2001) Application of Multimedia to the study of Human Movement. Multimedia Tools and Applications: 14 (3): 259-268.
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